This is the post excerpt.

Being a Latina, you automatically think that you will be a mother sometime in the future– and if you’re Mexican that means you will produce a whole tribe.

I always dreamed that I would have a baby girl and I was going to name her Fantasia (this was way before the singer was probably even born herself!)

At least one of the 2 dreams came true


The Struggle’s Real

All my life I suffered from irregular or absent periods. It didn’t bother me much growing up because I was glad not to see Aunt Flo anywhere near me!

It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I thought something was wrong with me. My mom being a humble immigrant from Mexico couldn’t help me much, so she never told me “M’ija! Something’s incredibly wrong if you don’t get your menstrual on a regular basis!” We both didn’t know how severe my plight was.

I went to a doctor circa early 1980’s, and all he gave me was hormone pills; that that was going to help me get my flow ready in no time. Problem was that I had to get refills time and again and after a few times, I forgot to refill and simply stopped taking them.

I was not sexually active until my late 20’s. ¬†At that time I was deeply into church and knew that having pre-marital sex was wrong and all that jazz. I lost my virginity at the tender age of 29 (yes, you read that right). My cherry got popped when I was my BF Carlos, who later on would be my husband and still is.

Wait, you’re still not pregnant, yet?

I know that there are plenty of women out there who desperately want to be mothers; but either for one reason or another they simply cannot. It can be a really depressing state especially when you and your partner have tried to conceive and nothing happens.

I was one of those women and the reason I started this blog is to tell my story, my struggle of how I tried to have a child from 2004 until my success story in 2010.

I will be straightforward. I will tell you how I cried for many nights and how it nearly caused a separation between my spouse and myself.

But that will be for next time…